Polyversal Kickstarter Relaunch Coming Soon!

Collins Epic Wargames is pleased to announce that our kickstarter relaunch for Polyversal will soon be live. Please follow us on Twitter @CEWargames and Facebook at www.facebook.com/Polyversal to find out more about the relaunch!


Collins Epic Wargames is working with The Phalanx Consortium for custom Terrain

We are pleased to announce that CEW is working with Chris Bennett and The Phalanx Consortium to create some gorgeous custom terrain for Polyversal. The Phalanx Consortium is a startup company focused on "creating worlds in context". We believe Chris and his team can really help bring Polvyersal's story to life on your tabletop. Please take a moment and "like" their Facebook Page.

Polyversal Cover Art Reveal

Polyversal's cover art is complete after several months of planning and work. Through 10 draft versions, the artist Bruno Werneck of Filmpaint, Inc., brought together the perfect scene based on the game's vision and story. Featuring models from several miniatures manufacturers CEW is working with and a Brutalist architectural style, the cover sets the scene for massive sci-fi conflict. Hoverjets, futuristic tanks, mechs, infantry, and heavy attack craft leave a devastated city in pursuit of an unseen force. But what force is this and who are the enemies they pursue? Why are they even fighting? Where is this city? And what year is it? All will be revealed in due time. For now, please enjoy the gorgeous sci-fi artwork from Bruno, and point your friends to this page. See below for a list of what models we chose to depict on the cover.

Polyversal Box Art by Bruno Werneck

  • Artwork Credit: Bruno Werneck (Tron: Legacy, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor and more- click to see his portfolio)
  • Art Direction: Byron Collins
  • Concept: Bruno Werneck, Ken Whitehurst, and Byron Collins
  • Model Inspiration*: Plasmablast Games Shadowasp, Wolfbite Missile Trike, Tigerclaw Tank, Hammerhead Tank, Encegon Tank
  • Microworld Games: Dragonfly Gunship, Terran Expeditionary Force Specialist Infantry, Foundationist Infantry
  • Dark Realm Miniatures: Majestic (Mega Walker)

* Depicting the likeness of miniatures from these companies has been accomplished by the artist with permission. The copyright of each miniature is owned by the respective cited manufacturer and licensed by Collins Epic Wargames, LLC.