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OPFPR Texas Militia OPFOR Texas MilitiaThe OPFOR Texas Militia Expansion is a standalone Battlegroup including 6mm models and Combatant Tiles for use with Polyversal's Opposition Forces (OPFOR) faction. This Battlegroup totals 750 points if fielded with standard psychological profiles. The OPFOR Texas Militia has its roots in the former US state of Texas and often operates far from home. The UN has learned to tread carefully when encountering the elusive and well-organized members of the Texas Militia. OPFOR forces around the globe rally behind this growing group of men and women who fight and win strategic victories against UN forces.

This land-based battlegroup is led by three Growler Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Microworld Games). Support from three Warthog AA/AP tanks (Microworld Games) provides balanced firepower and mobility. Heavy firepower comes courtesy of two Vorace Walkers (Dark Realm Miniatures). Six fast Landhawk Scout Vehicles (Microworld Games) provide advance recon for the main body in most terrain. Scarab Armored Personnel Carriers (Microworld Games) protect and transport the 40 Pax Arcadia Standard Infantry (Dark Realm Miniatures) to any location.

This set is a balanced 750-point UN Battlegroup we currently offer for Polyversal, loaded with amazing miniatures and pre-designed die-cut Combatant Tiles. Featuring miniatures from Microworld Games and Dark Realm Miniatures, it provides a great way to quickly get a coherent force on the table for the OPFOR.

What is Included?

Polyversal OPFOR Texas Militia
(Click Image for larger version - OPFOR Texas Militia miniatures and tiles)
Polyversal OPFOR Texas Militia Unpainted Minis
(Click Image for larger version - OPFOR Texas Militia miniatures)

Includes these Miniatures:

  • 40X Texas Militiamen (Pax Arcadia Standard Infantry miniatures by Dark Realm Miniatures)
  • 6X Landhawk (Microworld Games)
  • 3X Scarab (Microworld Games)
  • 3X Growler (Microworld Games)
  • 3X Warthog AA (Microworld Games)
  • 2X Vorace (Dark Realm Miniatures)

Includes these printed Combatant Tiles:

  • 3X Texas Militiamen (based on Pax Arcadia Standard Infantry miniatures by Dark Realm Miniatures)
  • 2X Landhawk (based on Landhawk Scouts miniature by Microworld Games)
  • 1X Scarab (based on Scarab APC miniature by Microworld Games)
  • 1X Growler (based on Growler IFV miniature by Microworld Games)
  • 1X Warthog AA (based on Warthog AA/AP miniature by Microworld Games)
  • 1X Vorace (based on Vorace Walker miniature by Dark Realm Miniatures)
  • 1X OPFOR Objective / Control Tile

Also Includes:

  • 1X Printed ID Card
  • 8X Litko Wooden Infantry Bases
Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted, unassembled

Unit Spotlight Gallery

The gallery below provides additional lore, artwork, and details for each of the Units in the OPFOR Texas Militia.

  • Texas Militiamen Feature
  • Landhawk Feature
  • Scarab Feature
  • Growler Feature
  • Warthog Feature
  • Vorace Feature