We have accomplished extensive closed beta testing on Polyversal over a number of years. We then sent the full rules out to two reviewers, Mike Hobbs of Meeples and Miniatures Podcast and Maurice Fitzgerald of Club Fantasci for their honest thoughts on Polyversal. Finally, all of our Kickstarter and Preorder supporters have taken a look at the full rules and provided excellent feedback. We will add more review links here as they are posted. Know of a review not listed here? Please let us know.

Watch a video interview with Rob Oren (The Dice Tower) talking about Polyversal with us at Historicon 2017:

Watch a video interview with Jeff from The Gaming Gang regarding Polyversal at Origins 2017:

Read Mike Hobb's review (pre-release rules)

Mike also posted more on Combatant Design and force generation in some follow-on blog posts in multiple parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Read Maurice Fitzgerald's review (pre-release rules)