About Collins Epic Wargames

Collins Epic Wargames, LLC is a Virginia-based Game Publisher in the Hobby Games Industry. We currently focus on historical and sci-fi board, card, and miniatures wargames. You can find out more about our games and download free content for each of them through our main website.

You can buy our games direct from us online, through your local hobby games retailer, or at any convention we attend. No matter where or when you buy one of our games, if you ever need any support for it, just ask. We back our products with passion and will support you long after you support us.


About The Designer

Ken Whitehurst has been playing miniature wargames for nearly twenty years. As a boy, he would insist on playing with green army men "by the rules." Soon, he discovered H.G. Wells' "Little Wars" at the public library, and a lifelong obsession was born. Ken has contributed to the hobby as a miniature and game reviewer for www.tabletopgamingnews.com. You may also have heard Ken's segment, "The Score" about music and gaming on "The D6 Generation" podcast. Ken also briefly hosted his own podcast, "This Week in Wargaming," where he presented news and commentary about the wargaming industry. Ken is honored to partner with Collins Epic Wargames to introduce Polyversal to the world.

About The Website

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