Polyversal Battlegroup - UN Quick Reaction Force


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UN Quick Reaction Force UN Quick Reaction ForceThe UN Quick Reaction Force is a mixed land and air-based force that brings sleek anti-gravity tanks to the battlefield, fearsome tracked Encegon Plasma tanks, mobile infantry carried into battle by Wombat transports, Ocelot and Quoll Support Tanks, and light Janus walkers for scouting and suppression. Advanced Leehark VTOLs provide air support for the UN as the Battlegroup conducts peacekeeping operations worldwide.

This set is a balanced 750-point UN Battlegroup we currently offer for Polyversal, loaded with amazing miniatures and pre-designed die-cut Combatant Tiles. Featuring miniatures from Brigade Models, Plasmablast Games, and TT Combat (formerly Hawk Wargames), it provides a great way to quickly get a coherent force on the table for the UN.

What is Included?

Polyversal UN QRF
(Click Image for larger version - UN Quick Reaction Force miniatures and tiles)
Polyversal UN QRF Unpainted Minis
(Click Image for larger version - UN Quick Reaction Force miniatures)

Includes these Miniatures:

  • 4x Janus Scout Walkers (TT Combat/Hawk)
  • 3x Encegon Heavy Tanks w/Heavy Plasma Gun and Missiles (Plasmablast Games)
  • 3x Leehark VTOLs (Plasmablast Games)
  • 3x Ocelot Light Grav Tanks (Brigade Models)
  • 4x Quoll Recce Vehicles (Brigade Models)
  • 3x Wombat Grav MICVs (Brigade Models)
  • 24X 6mm Power Armor (Brigade Models)

Includes these printed Combatant Tiles:

  • 1X Janus (based on Janus miniature by TT Combat)
  • 1X Encegon (based on Encegon miniature by Plasmablast Games)
  • 1X Leehark (based on Leehark miniature by Plasmablast Games)
  • 1X Ocelot (based on Ocelot miniature by Brigade Models)
  • 1X Quoll (based on Quoll miniature by Brigade Models)
  • 1X Wombat (based on Wombat miniature by Brigade Models)
  • 3X Pacification Squad (based on Power Armor miniatures by Brigade Models)
  • 1X UN Objective / Control Tile

Also Includes:

  • 1X Printed ID Card
  • 6X Litko Wooden Infantry Bases
  • 3X Acrylic Flight Stands
Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted, unassembled

Unit Spotlight Gallery

The gallery below provides additional lore, artwork, and details for each of the Units in the UN Quick Reaction Force.

  • Janus Feature
  • Encegon Feature
  • Leehark Feature
  • Ocelot Feature
  • Quoll Feature
  • Wombat Feature
  • Pacification Squad Feature