Set of Die Cut Blanks with Peel-and-Stick Hex Paper


Store Link: CEW00015

This product is currently available for PREORDER with an expected Q3 2020 release date.

DiceThese 25 chipboard hexagonal blanks plus 10 printable sheets of 5 each thermal die-cut hexagonal peel-and-stick shapes allow you to print out your Polyversal Combatant Tile Designs, peel, and adhere them to the blanks (double-sided). When you design a Combatant Tile for Polyversal, you can easily print that design out on this paper, peel it off, and stick it to a blank for a great looking gamepiece that matches the feel and size of the production game pieces. Focus less on arts and crafts and more on design.


What is Included?

One set of Blanks and Sheets makes 25 double-sided Combatant Tiles:

  • 25x 3" hexagonal chipboard blanks
  • 10x sheets of 5 inkjet-compatible 8.5"x11" (photo glossy paper) with 5 thermal die-cut hexagons (50 total hexes for 25 double-sided Combatant Tiles)

[Example printout shown on actual adhesive hex photo paper]